What to wear to your session

Your session is an investment of time and money and i’m sure you’ll be looking over your pictures for many years to come, thus the clothes you wear will have an effect on the timelessness of your images.

For a family session: Start with Mum

Start with one outfit mum likes and feels comfortable in and build the outfits for everyone else from there.

Colour Palette (Steer clear of fluro & logos!)

First off, choose clothes you comfortable in. Soft colours, earthy tones and florals work well and go for timeless pieces and be yourself! Think coordinating not matching when choosing pieces and when in doubt, pick a couple of colours and then have all the rest of the clothing be neutral tones.

Neons & logos are quite harsh and do not photograph well and take away your timeless images as they can be distracting from telling your family story through connection. Limit distractions from your photos and avoid large bold plaid and contrasted stripes!

Consult your Photographer

If you are unsure of clothing options, pop a message to me and I can help with any options. I want you to have fun & be comfortable in what you wear but i’ll also be able to tell you any outfits that may not be flattering (for colours).

Clothing Stores

Below are some stores that have some beautiful options for your session: